Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Like I mentioned last time, I have a newly released project available. I'm calling it SimpleWatcher.

It's exciting for me to release it. I've been using it in-house at my workplace for about 6 months now, so the functionality is fairly stable. I don't have any slick screenshots, since it's primarily a utility-based application, though I hope to change that. I've used wxPython for a while now, but I'd really like to try out Dabo, since the application needs a GUI config builder.

The project is basically the outcome of needing to build a workflow/queue/watch application for a lot of print-based work that I'm involved with. It handles branching and conditional logic, data manipulation, file moving, external script calls, etc, tying them all into simple xml configs. I've kept a lot of the production watch's I've built in as examples of how to build and use the watch configs.

I decided to open-source it as I didn't know of anything else out there that's doing this kind of thing, and I hoped others could get some benefit from the software. I can't imagine I'm the first one to run into this problem.

Regardless, feel free to browse over and take a look. Also, check out SimpleAuth... we have a new version out there, now supporting a get for all roles a user has per configured service, allowing for application-level caching.


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