Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I will not recant!

Or, maybe I will. Kinda.

I miss the hell out of Zope3.

I admit, I never said I didn't love developing in Zope3, because that would have been a lie. Nor did I ever say Zope3 wasn't a better dev environment than RoR. That would have been untrue. What I did indicate was that RoR is a more streamlined web-centric development environment. and that's probably still true.

But today I was assigned a new development task. Build a watch-style solution for a piece of document management software. I'm excited about the project for a number of reasons, some technological, some ideological, and some of pure dorkery. But I immediately turned to zope for interfaces and for inspiration on implementing an observer pattern. I immediately went to zope for things that you can't find other places.

And that's when it hit me, afresh, though I had known it all along. Zope3 provides functionality at such a powerful level (interface/adapter oriented programming, object observers and event notification, etc) that only when I really need/want these things elsewhere do I realize how much their lack hurts.

RoR is good, sure. It provides a lot of shortcuts and time savers. But the further I get into core design with it, the more I realize that, while it's quite good and I've learned a good bit from it, I wouldn't want to design something massive in it.

I'm not declaring any kind of back-turning on RoR. I still very much appreciate how data-driven the design is. There are a lot of things that I think Zope3 can learn from RoR. But I think, long term, Zope3 has more to offer.

I would like zcml to do less. I would like more view-oriented helpers (maybe integrating python-webhelpers into the framework, along with Mochikit?). I'd like to see an ORM (sqlalchemy, if I had a choice) tied in as a utility that allows certain objects to register themselves with the framework, and (using zalchemy?) ties the transactions together. I would like to see a query language (xpath or oql) implemented.

But y'know what? All of that can come. Maybe I can spend some of my time on it. But I don't know if I think they're powerful enough complaints against the framework to make me want to use anything else. I'll keep at it with RoR, one because I have to, and two because it makes my thought process more diverse/adept/adaptable/etc. But I want to be back on Zope3.


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